Every morning, our time for hair styling is usually minimized into half if you have braided hair. This does not mean that it is fine to neglect to take care of your braids or your hair below those braids. To maintain your braids, you can follow the guidelines we will provide to help you make your braids last longer and to maintain it: 

Protect your hair every night.  

Every time you go to bed, it is advisable to wear a scarf made out of satin or silk all the time. This is essential regardless if you have a braided hair or not. The smooth texture will stop your braids to frizz and it also helps to maintain the freshness of your hair’s edges. This can keep your roots from being fried out as well once you sleep. If you find silk or satin uncomfortable, you can always opt to go with other alternatives such as placing a satin pillowcase over your pillow to get the same kind of protection. 

Wash your braids 

The development of the products you used and your sweat could be harmful to your hair. Hence, it is really essential to wash your braids at least once per 2 weeks. Luckily, you can dry-wash your hair using a damped washcloth with shampoo and warm water or you can choose to use dry shampoo if you like. You need to section your hair and then wipe your scalp down in parts. 

 Keep your scalp moist 

This must be done approximately 2-3 times per week with a leave-in conditioner. This can aid you in stopping your hair from breaking and drying out. Remember that water is great for your hair. Hence, you should guarantee to sprinkle your hair with a water-based solution that contains natural oils like almond oil or coconut oil.  

Redo your edges to extend your style 

Usually, your roots will grow out after a few weeks, which means that you have to freshen up your look. Instead of braiding your whole head again, you just have to reinstall braids in line with your hairline. After taking out the braids aligned with your edges, take additional care to deep condition and detangle before you install your braids once again. You should contact a professional to have your braids reinstalled for greater outcomes. 

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